Flipnote Montage: PFP Collection!

Earlier, I was thinking to sort things out, like a file and finally, I did! Enjoy my profile pictures I've made over the years!


My first one ever after I joined Sudomemo! It's the best Flipnote Hatena-like revival I've ever joined.

My second PFP made a day later.

Now, here are a lot of colors! How exciting!

My forth PFP made in October 2020.

Here's my fifth one! No STUPID internet challenge reference here!

Here's the 6th one in December and the last one in 2020!


7th one in general and first in 2021!

8th one! I'm not surprised I've kept this in March, too...

9th one! One of the members in CoolJeremy's Discord Server misunderstood that this was a smear frame. That would be interesting if it is, but unfortunately, it's not.

10th one, and I made it birthday-themed!

11th one, in Mid-june.

12th one, since I made it one the same date I joined Sudomemo.

13th and current one, but I made it Flipnote Hatena-themed!

My late-september one, but it had to be on another account on Sudomemo I have because I lost all my previous data after my 2DSXL got fixed.

My 15th one and it's similar to $R0N4LD$'s PFP from Flipnote Hatena.