Welcome to my changelog/Site Updates page! To see what's coming soon to my website, check it out right here!

Changelog/Site Updates

May 9th, 2021

As you can see now, the website layout looks like the Scrover/Scratch theme.

Janurary 12th, 2021

Originally, I was going to make a guide directly to the home page without pressing the back button, but the idea has been scrapped due to the neocities domain not working when I change some things quickly... :(

Janurary 9th, 2021

Unfortunately, the "Ring Ring" game has to go... But fear not! You can still visit the original scratch game below:

See the original game!

...and about to work on my VRC world in the late morning. I'm surfing the web really early in the morning... O_O

Janurary 7, 2021

Ajusted some stuff in my homepage.

November 5, 2020
  1. All my flipntoes using the Sudomemo player are changed to the deafult theme from the halloween theme. I just don't know why for 4 days, it keped the halloween theme.
  2. By the way, this applies to all the flipnotes using the Sudomemo player. Don't own Sudomemo, tho...

November 4, 2020
  1. Added the changelog/Site Updates page so you can see what happened to my websites over the years! Also, my website was created in July 9th, 2020 by the way!
  2. Just discovered the "center" tag for HTML stuff, so I added a picture to decorate this page! :D How cool is that?
  3. I added a upcoming stuff coming to my website! You can check it out in the link provided above!
  4. Four updates already?! Didn't know that! ^^ Anyways, I pust most of my content in the site MORE centered for a similar look to my alpha version of my site, made in google sites.